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Menstruation is one of the puberty changes girls experience, and while it comes with some challenges this should not be any girl’s nightmare. Be Amazing. Period! Is a GES initiative, supported by UNICEF, seeks to educate and empower girls with knowledge on good menstrual hygiene management practices. The initiative is targeted at girls, boys, teachers, parents and community members, all of who play a vital role in changing attitudes surrounding menstrual hygiene management and how this affects girls

How to observe personal hygiene during mensturation

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How to support
a girl to be amazing

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General Menstruation Frequently Asked Questions

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Know your menstrual cycle

Your menstrual cycle is the interval between your first and your next menstrual period. On average, the length of the menstrual cycle is 28 days, but generally this varies from woman to woman. Regular cycles that are longer or shorter than 24 to 35 days, are normal.

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